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What is Javascript Obfuscator Tool?

This tool helps the website owners to protect their code or content from being copied by anyone and prevent reusing the content which they have created by spending most of their time on it. Techyhit Obfuscator Tool is the best tool that covers the code and content in a form that cannot be read by anyone in other words it is the best tool to minify javascript and can also be known as javascript compressor or minifier.

Features Of Techy hit Javascript Obfuscator Tool?

1. Javascript Obfuscation
With Techyhit Javascript Obfuscator Tool your code will be converted to an unreadable form which will be very difficult to understand by anyone and modify it for reusing.

2. Powerful Unlock
Allow particular domains and IP addresses to copy your content or code for copying.

3. Leading Obfuscator Tool
Techyhit Javascript Obfuscator Tool is the leading obfuscation tool in the industry and works very well since its launch.

4. 100% Safe and Secure
It does not break your code or changes it just compresses the size of the file and your code will be 100% safe and secure.

5. Powerful Lockup
Lock your code or content from being copied for a particular IP address or domain.

6. Minification and Compression
Javascript Obfuscator Tool minify, compress or reduce the size of the javascript files which helps the apps and the websites to load faster and reduce the bandwidth consumption.