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How To Use Alexa Rank Checker Tool?

It is very easy to use Alexa Rank Checker but some of the people who are facing the problem while using it can follow the below step-by-step guide.

  1. After landing on the Techyhit Alexa Rank Checker Tool page.
  2. Enter the URL of the website of which you want to perform analysis
  3. Finally hit the “Submit” button and the all possible data of that particular website will be shown.

What is Alexa Rank?

If you want to know how popular any website is then one and the only way to check that is Alexa Rank of that particular website.

Alexa is owned by it helps to find the website traffic and other analytics of that particular website which is collected from millions of web and browser extensions.

Though Alexa runs a number of services and also is involved in a number of other projects, its most popular and famous service is “Alexa Rank.”

How Does Alexa Rank Work?

According to the data that Alexa shows is compared from the past historical three months and the alexa rank of any website is shown according to it.

Alexa says that the website popularity depends on how much traffic it gets per day and how many unique page visitors it got in the last three months. Alexa measures the traffic of the websites from millions of users who use the Alexa toolbar provided by Alexa officially.

Alexa toolbar keeps all the information regarding the traffic of the websites and unique page views also. The Alexa toolbar is available in the form of extensions which are available for Chrome, Firefox browsers, etc.

To record the analytics of a website the users must install the Alexa toolbar. Alexa worked on its toolbar most because earlier the users who installed it complained that it is heavier and slows down the surfing speed.

Then Alexa worked and made it as lighter as it can so that users don’t face any problem while it is installed in their browsers.

Why Checking Alexa Rank is Important?

Alexa rank shows the popularity of the website and how it performed from the last few months. Techyhit Alexa Rank Checker Tool is the best competitive analysis tool.

The below 4 things will help you a lot to improve your website traffic upto a peak.

  1. Self Analysis : If you are a blogger or a website owner then self analysis of your website is a must. Techyhit Alexa Rank Checker Tool helps you to know how popular your website is and how it is performing on the internet. You can make more efforts to improve your website traffic also you can check daily so that you can know which changes put your website ranking upto a peak.
  2. Competitive Analysis : You can also check the rank of your competitors so that you can check the traffic source they are using to traffic huge traffic on their website and which strategies they are implementing to bring their website to the top of SERP.
  3. Marketing Analysis : If you are an advertiser then you can check that how popular a website is so that you can decide whether to show your ads on that particular website or not also it helps to know in which countries that website is popular and if you want to advertise in any particular country this analysis cannot be provided by any other tool.
  4. “Who-is-Who'' Analysis : It helps you to check in which country and category any website is performing well.

Techyhit Alexa Rank Checker Tool

Techyhit Alexa Rank Checker Tool is a free tool to check the Alexa Rank of any website so that you may use that in improving your website traffic and also helps in competitive analysis.

Techyhit Alexa Rank Checker Tool is developed by experienced developers to show you every possible data that can be shown by it. This tool is made free for all and can be used unlimited times and analysis on unlimited websites per day.

Many of the Alexa Rank Checker tools are there on the web but most of them are paid and if they are free then they are not working properly and do not have enough data to show. That is why with the demand of many of our users we developed a free Techyhit Alexa Rank Checker Tool.